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Great American Jewish Cities #20: Toronto Part II

April 19, 2021

Jewish Toronto in the post war saw a development of the community in its leadership and institutions. Rav Dovid Ochs replaced Rav Yaakov Kamenetsky at the helm of the Toras Emes community, and Chabad began to have a presence in town as well. A rising rabbinic leader at this time was Rav Gedalya Felder, while at the same time there started to arrive a large influx of Holocaust survivors, with Rav Meir Grunwald, the Teitcher Rov as a leader in the community as well. 

The Holy Blossom Synagogue started off as Orthodox and gradually shifted towards Reform in the early decades of the 20th century. As shuls and shtiebels increased with the arrival of Eastern European Jews, educational institutions were built. The Eitz Chaim schools became the premier mechanism of educational development for the Jewish youth of Toronto. Some of the greatest philanthropists of 20th century Jewish life resided there as well. The Reichman and Tannenbaum families are just two examples of this, as Joe Tannenbaum emerged as a patron of Jewish institutions both locally and worldwide.
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