June 10, 2020 Great American Jewish Cities #7: Pittsburgh

With the growth of the steel industry, Pittsburgh became home to a sizable and prestigious Jewish community. While the Pittsburgh Platform of 1885 gave the city an association with Reform, and Jews had an impact on the local sports scene, immigrants from Eastern Europe along with some impressive Rabbinical and communal leaders laid a solid foundation for the traditional Jewish community. Early Rabbis like Rav Moshe Shimon Sivitz, Rav Aharon Ashinsky and Rav Wolf Leiter, and later luminaries like Rav Sholom Posner the chinuch pioneer, the Pittsburgher Rebbes, Rabbi Bernard Poupko and many others. Nearby Mckeesport had a sizable Jewish community as well, with Rabbi Yitzchak Chinn leading the Gemilas Chesed shul for over a half a century. Subscribe To Our Podcast on: Apple: tinyurl.com/yy8gaody Google Play: tinyurl.com/yxwv8tpc Spotify: tinyurl.com/y54wemxs Stitcher: bit.ly/2GxiKTJ Follow us on Twitter or Instagram at @Jsoundbites You can email Yehuda at yehuda@yehudageberer.com