June 30, 2020 Great American Jewish Cities #9: Seattle

Out in the Pacific Northwest, Seattle boasts a rich Jewish past. As the last stop coming from the east, the first stop when arriving from Vladivostok and a destination during the Klondike gold rush, Seattle's Jewish community grew immensely at the turn of the century. Rabbinical leaders like Rabbi Baruch & Rebbetzin Hinda Shapiro, Rabbi Solomon Maimon, Rav Chaim Yaakov Levin, even a short stint of Rav Yaakov Kamenetsky plus many more. Personalities like Samuel, Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz, along with native sons Rabbis Nisson Wolpin, Yissachar Frand, Marc Angel and others. We share the story of Seattle’s Business Leaders, Jewish Music Legends and some regular folks. Seattle emerges as a diverse and fascinating story. Subscribe To Our Podcast on: Apple: tinyurl.com/yy8gaody Google Play: tinyurl.com/yxwv8tpc Spotify: tinyurl.com/y54wemxs Stitcher: bit.ly/2GxiKTJ Follow us on Twitter or Instagram at @Jsoundbites You can email Yehuda at yehuda@yehudageberer.com