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Princes of Persia: Iranian Jewry Part I

February 6, 2022

The ancient Jewish community of Persia/Iran is one of the oldest Jewish communities in the world. The site of the Purim story and many Biblical and Talmudic era luminaries, it continued to flourish through times of stability and persecution. 

One of the great rabbinical leaders in the city of Hamedan, Iran in modern times was Chacham Mola David Sasson Rabban (1879-1974). As rabbi of the community he oversaw its growth and later decline in mid 20th century to widespread emigration, while corresponding with rabbis across Iran and in neighboring Iraq. He also ran the local Otzar Hatorah school, which was part of network of traditional Jewish education which facilitated the renaissance of Jewish life in Iran and later in Iranian diaspora Jewish communities.


This podcast is sponsored in honor of the release of the first sefer of its kind! The writings of the Av Bet Din of the city of Hamadan, Iran, Rabbi David Sasson Rabban, including a whole section on the minhagim of the Jews of Iran. Published by Machon Magen Avot publishing house, and is available on their website, along with all other sefarim by Machon Magen Avot. In Israel it can be obtained in the Sifria Hasefaradit Rechov Bucharim 4.


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