April 30, 2020 The Center of it All: Great Rabbis in Warsaw

Capital of the Jewish world, Warsaw played a central role in all aspects of Jewish life - politically, culturally, socially and of course religiously. Great rabbinical figures served in official capacities in the Warsaw Rabbinate, in the city's educational institutions, in unofficial positions as residents of the city, and of course as visitors to the country's capital. One of the prominent Rabbinic families that served generations of the Warsaw Jewish community was the Zilberbergs. The most famous of whom was Rav Naftali Vershover (1848-1930), who was close with all the great leaders of his day and served the needs of Polish Jewry. Through their story, we'll encounter the places and people of Jewish Warsaw including the famed Warsaw Mesivta, as well as meeting the Bais Halevi, two Gerrer Rebbes, the Chafetz Chaim, Rav Chaim Brisker, Rav Meir Don Plotzki - the Kli Chemda, and many more. Subscribe To Our Podcast on: Apple: tinyurl.com/yy8gaody Google Play: tinyurl.com/yxwv8tpc Spotify: tinyurl.com/y54wemxs Stitcher: bit.ly/2GxiKTJ Follow us on Twitter or Instagram at @Jsoundbites You can email Yehuda at YGebss@Gmail.com