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The Chant of Torah: The Life of Rav Naftali Trop

September 9, 2021
Having gained fame as the Radin Yeshiva, as well as immortality through his Torah which is still studied worldwide, Rav Naftali Trop (1871-1928) was an important Torah leader who left an impact on the pre war yeshiva world of Eastern Europe.
A product of Slabodka and Kelm, he brought Talmudic scholarship as well as the mussar movement to his students. Imparting life lessons by personal example, Rav Naftali was a caring individual who took responsibility for others beyond the walls of the yeshiva as well.
Though his untimely passing in his 50's brought an end to a life of teaching Torah, his family and students continued his legacy for years to come.
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