May 9, 2020 The Crown of Aleppo

The oldest complete Tanach in the world, the Aleppo Codex, known as the "Keter", was and still is revered as a national treasure. As a source and guide for the text and vowelization of Tanach, it was one of the most important ancient texts of the Jewish People. For nearly six centuries it was carefully safeguarded by the Aleppo Jewish community. Following a series of riots at the end of 1947, the Keter seemingly disappeared, resurfacing 11 years later through a daring smuggling operation to the State of Israel. As it was turned over to then President Yitzchak Ben Tzvi, it was discovered that nearly half of the manuscript was missing. Was it simply lost? Was it stolen? By whom? Why was it handed over to the State for safekeeping? Some of the mystery surrounding the Keter remains with us till this very day. Subscribe To Our Podcast on: Apple: Google Play: Spotify: Stitcher: Follow us on Twitter or Instagram at @Jsoundbites You can email Yehuda at