June 13, 2020 The Prophet of Doom & The Prophetess of Comfort: The Story of the Leibowitz Siblings

Two siblings who were high achievers and shared similar life paths. Yet the two couldn't be more different. Nechama Leibowitz, with all of her academic positions, saw herself as simply a teacher. One who strove to encourage the study of Tanach with its diverse range of commentary. Coupled with her love for the Hebrew language and her desire to teach and reach others wherever they may be, made her a beloved figure and teacher for generations of students. Her elder brother Yeshayahu, having grown in the same home in Riga, took his academic career early on in Germany towards a host of sciences - organic chemistry, biochemistry, neuro physiology and others. What gained him renown however was his radical views in philosophy, political philosophy and the philosophy of religion. Fearless in promulgating provocative ideas, he was wont to stir controversy in many circles for his political and religious beliefs. Subscribe To Our Podcast on: Apple: tinyurl.com/yy8gaody Google Play: tinyurl.com/yxwv8tpc Spotify: tinyurl.com/y54wemxs Stitcher: bit.ly/2GxiKTJ Follow us on Twitter or Instagram at @Jsoundbites You can email Yehuda at yehuda@yehudageberer.com